Are you looking to increase numerical reasoning in your math classroom?

Check out these online workshops, hosted by me, Graham Fletcher.

A 6-week online workshop that unpacks the progression of counting, place value, along with addition and subtraction through 1000.

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Here are some things I've said on my own math journey.

Sound familiar?

"I try to differentiate, but it's tough when I have such a range of thinking in my classroom."

"I wish I learned math the way we teach it today."

"I love using games and tasks with my students but I don't have the time."

I want to support you on your own math journey.

I’m Graham Fletcher. Over the last 20 years, I've had the amazing opportunity to serve as a classroom teacher, a math instructional coach, and a district coordinator. This has allowed me to really dive in and understand the progression of mathematics in our elementary classrooms.

Throughout my journey, I have openly shared my ideas and resources on my website, It's in that space that I've shared 3-act tasks that engage students and progression videos that empower teachers.

Having supported thousands of teachers over the years, I've realized that we shouldn't have to walk this journey alone.

I'm a firm believer that all of us are smarter than one of us and that's why I have created these workshops.

Graham Fletcher

Why take a workshop with me?


Identify how to find a healthy balance between conceptual understanding, application, and procedural fluency.

Building Capacity

Build and extend your own numerical reasoning through the lens of conceptual understanding.

The Progression of Learning

Explore connections between the big ideas and identify relationships across grade levels.

What teachers are saying about Graham's workshops

"This workshop with Graham truly changed my perspective and helped me to be a better teacher and coach of mathematics. So much of the content resonated with me and became a practical application for myself and many of my teachers."

~Ashley Powell, Academic Coach

"Through his facilitation of engaging in tasks and activities that promote problem-solving and critical thinking, I have deepened my understanding of the progressions of mathematics. Thank you, Graham"

~Erin Chavez - Elementary Math Consultant

Are you ready to empower yourself AND your students? Check out my workshops and find the right one for you.

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All of us are smarter than one of us!

Graham Fletcher